06.09.2023 - 22.09.2023

Fashion X AI, London


The Mills Fabrica, 36-40 York Way, London N1 9AB

Opening: Fr 8th Sep 2023, 18:00 onwards
9 – 22 Sep 2023
Opening times: Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00

On display: video work of the concept costume performed by hand-balancing artist Natalie Reckert

A photograph from the women’s protest at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, is reproduced across over 100 textile flaps that make up a radical costume; the women’s faces are anonymised. The performer in the costume takes a step, then gracefully inverts. As she walks on her hands, the costume flips to momentarily reveal the original, un-redacted image.

Not in Pieces was conceived by Manu Luksch for Artefacts of Resistance: Creating Archives of Transnational Protest Movements – a collaboration with Srilata Sircar (India Institute, King’s College London), Ufaque Paikar (Ashoka University), Mukul Patel (emergence.is), and Raktim Ray (University College London).