27.05.2023 - 03.06.2023

XR Toxic at Planetary Skins, Galerie Elisabeth and Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck


PLANETARY SKINS by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler explores the materiality of the real and the digital. Configuring an osmotic skin between virtual and physical spaces, the art project explores the potentials, ambivalences, and conflicts induced by hybrid forms of presence.

with the participation of:
XR Production: Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis (./studio3). Soundscape, composition: Volkmar Klien. Choir: Wientaler Dreigesang. MC: Carmen Lael Hines. Performer: Martha Laschkolnig. Biofeedback: Markus Passecker. Voice over: Anna Mendelssohn. With: Vera Bühlmann, Thomas Feuerstein, Johnny Golding, Barbara Imhof, Marian Kaiser, Manu Luksch, Mukenge/Schellhammer, Thomas Nail, Tanja Traxler.