Ghosts across the fault-line

The series Ghosts across the fault-line  interprets (post- and pre-development) neighbourhoods in Dakar;
as paired giclée prints on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta, each 160 x 160 cm or 100 x 100 cm

    Flying eye views condense into a cloud: from common points in overlapping aerial photographs, corresponding camera positions are deduced. These apertures cast the surveyed city in three dimensions. A sequence of two-dimensional images yields a volumetric mesh – textured with pattern, smeared by time. Unfolding the texture onto the navigator’s table generates an atlas of interstices. The city of shattered quartz, reassembled. The archaeologist aligns fragments – by size? shape? motif? – by machine logic. A model kit not yet built.
Poem by Mukul

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SICAP Karak, VDN, Dakar

The Voie de Dégagement Nord (VDN) road is a major artery that embraces half of Dakar and, towards its southern end, separates the grand streets of Fann with its embassies and institutes and sea breezes, from the informal taxi park adjoining the SICAP Karak neighbourhood. The SICAP housing schemes, conceived during the decade preceding independence, were vehicles for urban development, but also for segregation – by socioeconomic status, if not explicitly by ‘race’.  For those elite Africans who embraced French cultural values, the departing colonisers even created transitional zones. Historical fault-lines leave traces. Some ghosts are caught in tempo limbo, in between.   


Atlas of the Liminal traces transitional spaces, contested places, zones of exception, territories haunted by past innovation, frontiers lacerated by conflicting visions. Generated through algorithmic processes, machinic seeing unwraps three-dimensional image data onto the plane – obtaining perspectives alien to the human eye, and integrating the dimension of time where views overlap.

18 Oct 2022 – 17 Apr 2023  Code & Algorithm. Meaning in a Calculated World,  Fundación Telefónica, Madrid

Developed during the 2019 artist residency at Xenoform Labs, San Francisco, and the Roberta Denning artist residency 2021 at Stanford University.