(Dissent and the) shifting sands of desert politics

a QR augmented double screen video installation and sand graffiti about the nexus of Big Data, Smart Cities and the cognitive Internet of Things, concepts that drive urban development, on show at HYBRID LANDSCAPES, DIGITAL CATAPULT, London until March 2019. Shot in the United Arab Emirates, which is investing heavily in smart technologies, the installation suggests link between the cognitive city with its own beliefs, judgements and preferences and Emirati prisoner of conscience, Ahmed Mansoor, arrested for a tweet and symbol for the fight for freedom of speech in the information age.


2017 © Manu Luksch   IMMERSIVE FX Jack Wolf   PROGRAMMING  Federico Foderaro   SOUND Mukul

8 min double screen installation produced by Manu Luksch and denkbar Filmentwicklungs GmbH