A User's Manual: Life

Security and safety are key contemporary concerns, inflamed by extravagant assessments of risk and an environment that is increasingly regulated and litigious. Individuals pursue risk-averse behaviour and surround themselves with products that simulate exposure to novel experiences. A New and Exciting Experience (part 1: The Washing Machine) addresses such perceptions and behaviours while poking fun at the technobabble and nannying tone of user manuals.

This is the story of a woman who does everything by the booklet. The booklet in question could be a user manual, warranty papers, terms and conditions, or any other relevant instructional or cautionary notice. For her own safety and that of those around her, the woman acts only on such explicit printed instructions. There follow excerpts from the forthcoming volume of her electrifying adventures…

Idea and realisation: Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel
The Woman: Charly Müllner
Explosion drawings: Matt Haycocks
Voice: Ajay Naidu
Commissioned by Queen Mary University London and SPACE Media


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