streaming media jam sessions of the early days

During Telejams, artists in various cities participate in a live stream performance. We work with the loop, remixing, delays, compression as artistic attributes.

concept: Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel 2001/02, co-hosted by London

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Telejam 01 was fortuitously blessed with a 28 second delay between uploading and downloading of the media streams, generating a laid-back feedback piece.
Life narrative was generated around the theme of [7×4] by loved up digipixlfukcers* from Riga and London to celebrate the 28th birthday of ambient member, illustrious Ilze Black. A flying carpet of beats tempo 280 bpm (or some multiple of it, like 140, 70) and loops of pattern length 4, 8, or 16

DELAY28 tele-jamming laboratory took place between Latvia and England >

@ Public Life, London
@ Casablanca, Riga

* [LV] visuals>> NEI, Linards Kulless, MKII, d-9, pk
sound>> DJ heincha, d9, gonzalez, heleena

[UK] cookz>>soundz>>lightz>> Manu, Mukul, Kertal, Milky Bar Kid, Joanna and many more alchemists @ Public Life: Please bring food for barbecues and anything related to number 7 to contribute to the audio/visual alchemy


Telejam 02

@ Dizzi club, maarstalju ielaa 10,Riga
@ FRO FM, Linz
@ posthof (, Linz


[LV] Riga
KULLESS; DILL9JAH; RATNIX; F1, dill9jah + mums speelees DJ: ilektrik’ sounds by: IVARX & @TOMS (NO REST), NGC-5128 (FABRIQUE) is an artist-run 24hours station based in Riga, Latvia

[UK] London
Mukul, Mario Ventrelli, Manu Luksch, Rachel Baker, Vortex, Black, Christa Geiselhofer, Ian, Kate Rich. produces cross-media /cross-reality projects [*you call it art, we call it independence]

[AT] Linz
fadi dorninger (head operator, main mixer)
dietmar bruckmayr (reden an die nation, stimme) –
martin greunz aka impact aka nautic cuts (breakbeats) –
jomasound is an independent FM radio station based in Oberoesterreich, Linz.