Cámara y ciudad. La vida urbana en la fotografia y el cine.

Camera and city. Scenes of modernity, curated by Florian Ebner, chief of photography of the Centre Pompidou Paris, in collaboration with La Caixa Banking Foundation, brings together major works from different departments of the Centre Pompidou and photographs and films from Spanish collections, in order to shed light on the way in which the camera shaped the idea of urbanity. The extensive exhibition catalogue is available in Spanish and Catalan. (My speculative film FACELESS is included in the show and book)

My arts residency at Xenoform Labs, San Francisco

On invitation by artist Scott Kildall and with the support of Open Austria, I am spending October 2019 as artist in residence at Xenoform Labs, getting to know the very particular spirit of the Bay Area and continuing to write a film script.
Below, at a panel discussion about arts residencies, how they originated and what they offer – with: Tony Grant (Sustainable Arts Foundation), Vero Bollow (Stochastic Labs), Kija Lucas (The Growlery), Clara Blume (Open Austria), Scott Kildall (Xenoform Labs), Manu Luksch (artist), Dale Djerassi (Djerassi Resident Artists Program)

Anarchivia & ULTRAcinema – the best kept secrets of Mexico City

Last week, the film enthusiasts of Anarchivia (founded by documentary filmmaker Gregorio Rocha) & ULTRAcinema (founded by pre-digital experimental film specialist and filmmaker Michael Ramos-Araizaga) hosted a couple of screenings of my films on surveillance, hyper regulation and manipulative micro-targeting. It provided me with the wonderful occasion to visit their space, which is located inside the Estudios Churubusco. While Anarchivia is a kind of documentation centre and workshop space, dedicated to keeping celluloid alive, ULTRAcinema is Michael’s film festival project, which takes films beyond the mainstream to audiences outside the Cineplexx. Subscribe to their news feed to make sure you’ll catch a future event!

Augenblick Mal… publication

The Swiss Augenoptikvergenossenschaft Team 93has just published AUGENBLICK MAL (Winterthur 2018, ed Sabine Müller, Jacqueline Vinzelberg)… at the occasion of its 25th anniversary in German and French. Behind it’s eye-catching cover the book compiles reflections on the history of seeing and seeing devices from glasses to CCTV –  featuring Manu’s work FACELESS.

Mozfest 2018

Caught the last day at Mozfest 2018, turned into a tracker as part of a in-venue game, caught a critical panel on AI (‘Collateral Damage’, that didn’t address the challenge of quasi-monopolistic corporate players enough though), and browsed at least a dozen stalls and workshops

David Wearing, Iona Craig, Owen Jones

‘What lies behind the British government’s commitment to the conservative regional order in the Gulf?’ – was the question in the press release for David Wearing’s book launch that drew me to the Brunei Lecture Theatre yesterday evening. Speaking to a full-to-bursting auditorium were David Wearing, Iona Craig and Owen Jones, who we filmed to be included in my documentary film The Billion Dollar Dissident. Here a link to the publication AngloArabia: Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain, by David Wearing

UNBIAS Awareness Cards

Enjoyed the UnBias presentation at V&A’s Digital Design Weekend – Fairness Toolkit by Proboscis: Algorithms, bias, trust and fairness: how do you engage young people is understanding and discussing these issues? The kit is now available for download here, check it out!