What is cryptart, as opposed to digital art? Are Ethereum art platforms in any way different from commercial art galleries? What are the new ideas and structures in this field?

These questions and more accompany me on my journey into this space. My first observation is that the ‘attention economy’ seems to be one of the more important factors in the formation of pricing, hence an artist who is very social media savvy will gain higher prices than an artist whose work is based on in-depth concepts. However, the secondary market is set up in a way that is beneficial for artists when their work gets sold on. Here’s my page on Ethereum art platform KnownOrigin.

Recording sessions continue

Alexej von Jawlensky created Mit Roter Schwalbentapete – see below – in 1915. The proclamation of WWI forced him to leave Germany for Switzerland, where he painted this work, now part of the Forberg Collection at Albertina Wien. Our work on the collection’s audio guide narrated by Mathias Forberg continues to astonish me with fascinating details about the history and personal experience with the art works.

The Candidates

As a comment on the absurdly lowered bar in political campaigning Manu and Mukul staged an election campaign in VR space. The documentation video is now online here.

Designing a VR hang out with the WISE team

As the RL gathering of WISE 2020, a temporary cultural think tank, cannot take place in Beijing this summer, I have joint forces with the team to develop a ‘fantasy island’ room on Mozilla Hub that will host the meeting instead. If you’d like to participate in the associated event in London end of August 2020, get in touch, or join us through your VR goggles or browser!


Angewandte Festival 2020

And yet another streamed festival at 31 degrees Celsius – while the option of listening in while lazing in the shade of a tree is a positive thing (actually did that yesterday), the participation through zoom/YouTube stream from a baking hot studio and without a sense of who’s watching requires my maximum self-discipline! – endow rant – check out the Angewandte festival programme, recommended!


Shooting a short film

This shoot during lockdown took the idea of productive limitations to new extremes – I recruited cast and team amongst family and neighbours, with talented Quentin (picture) in the role of Nano. CONTAGIOUS WHISPER is a collaboration with Scott Kildall, S.F. based artist and host of my residency at Xenoform Labs last year. This commission by Open Austria for No-Place like the Future invited us to imagine a post-corona future. The resulting short film will be premiered online on 18th June 2020.

Data Loam (Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft): The Future of Knowledge Systems

Data Loam (Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft): The Future of Knowledge Systems – only a trio like Johnny Golding, Martin Reinhart, Mattia Paganelli could possibly come up with such a poignant but playful book title. I am putting finishing touches to my contribution to this publication (expected to be published this November by De Gruyter), which “will be a landmark publication in the digital humanities broadly speaking. It emphasises the role of contemporary art and practice-led research as the primary mover in re-thinking artificial intelligence, digital environments, software systems, and with it, new knowledge systems. The impact will include the library information sciences, computing software, crypto-economics, gaming. It re-thinks the role of curatorial practice(s), archiving, and ethics. It is playful, hard-hitting, and hopefully, will enable new systems of pedagogy and radical forms of political practice. ” Very excited and proud to be part!