10.06.2019 - 14.06.2019

Law on Trial 2019: Communication Technologies on Trial


Law on Trial is a public engagement event that is run over five consecutive evenings by Birkbeck Law School, with a different theme every year.  Through a series of focused debates we will investigate the implications of the fact that communications technology, which is often used as though it were a public good, is privately owned and that the major actors and platforms that connect the infrastructure to the users are also transnational corporate interests.  In particular, the event will focus on the ways in which the architecture of the communications technology system poses serious challenges to legal regulation while the dominance of neo-liberal thought arguably creates political resistance to regulatory solutions.

Monday 10 June Democracy
Tuesday 11 June Social and Financial Exclusion
Wednesday 12 June Cultural Production
Thursday 13 June Work and the Environment
Friday 14 June Privacy, Security and Surveillance

I am delighted to participating on Day 5 – Privacy, Security and Surveillance Friday 14th June,18:00-20:00. Please book your free ticket here.

Excerpts from two films – ALGO-RHYTHM (2019), a hiphop musical addressing algorithmic electioneering, and BILLION $ DISSIDENT (forthcoming 2020) featuring ‘the last human rights defender in the UAE’ Ahmed Mansoor, now imprisoned for a tweet – enter into dialogue about how surveillance choreographs our behaviours and how algorithms nudge our futures.