City of shattered quartz, reassembled - by machine logic

    Flying eye views condense into a cloud: from common points in overlapping aerial photographs, corresponding camera positions are deduced. These apertures cast the surveyed city in three dimensions. A sequence of two-dimensional images yields a volumetric mesh – textured with pattern, smeared by time. Unfolding the texture onto the navigator’s table generates an atlas of interstices. The city of shattered quartz, reassembled. The archaeologist aligns fragments – by size? shape? motif? – by machine logic. A model kit not yet built.
Text by Mukul


These works project three-dimensional image data from city neighbourhoods onto the plane, integrating the dimension of time where views overlap. Machinic vision captures more perspectives than the human gaze can, making sense of the city, putting it in order. Spatial information is computed from serial aerial images, in addition to the plane colour bitmaps. The standard image data is fragmented into a texture atlas, to be applied to the three dimensional model. 

In this series of works, various algorithms dress the virtual city differently, depending on whether the atlas is created by peeling off horizontal and vertical textures separately (for the array prints), or whether the texture fragments are chosen to be as uniform as possible (for the mosaics). 

Series of eight pairs
Two different interpretations of each image data set.
Location 1: Dakar
Location 2: San Francisco
Location 3: Vienna (in progress)
100 cm x 100 cm / 160 cm x 160 cm
giclée prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta
Edition of one (+ artist proof)

View the works as pdf [10MB] Atlas of Predictive Cities