Sing and Cry, Cry and Sing

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An unlikely friendship develops across 11m walls as Polish fitness celebrity Artur Ligeska finds himself in an isolation cell of a maximum security prison in the United Arab Emirates. Arrested on false charges, subjected to mental and physical torture, and lacking access to the outside world, Artur is struggling with extreme hunger and fear when a friendly voice from an adjacent cell reaches out to him.

The camera captures Artur in long, intimate shots as he entrusts the filmmaker with his ordeal and relates how the support of his neighbouring inmate, the prominent Emirati prisoner of conscience Ahmed Mansoor, helped him to maintain hope and survive his nightmare. Later, when Ahmed needs help, Artur does not hesitate to undertake enormous risks for his friend – without thinking of the costs to himself.

This document/ary was created during the 2020-21 Artist Residency at The School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London.
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Filip Drodz                camera, Poland
Christian Haake       camera, United Arab Emirates
Mukul Patel               sound design
Ulrich Grimm           post-production
Margo Przymierska Polish-English translation
directed and edited by Manu Luksch

produced by Mathias Forberg and Manu Luksch
denkbar projektentwicklungs gmbh 2021
thanks to Kristina Stockwood
Creative Commons Attribution- Non Commercial No-Derivates 4.0 International

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Length: 43 minutes
Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.39)  24 frames
Sound: 2.0 stereo / 5.1 surround