commenting our data-saturated urban spaces

‘Predictive Cities’ depicts the infestation of networked urban infrastructure by algorithmic management systems. Ostensibly ‘smart’, these systems maximise returns for corporate-governmental clients with little accountability, while rendering the ordinary citizen transparent as glass.  

To explore the loss of autonomy in a hyper-networked and surveilled world, the artist has developed a new visual language based on point clouds – 3D representations constructed from millions of data points – and their manipulation through software as a metaphor for the data-driven manipulation of public urban space. The soundtrack was created by mathematician-composer Mukul Patel.

Point cloud code and animation developed with: Jack Wolf, Georgi Stamenov, Federico Foderaro, Mukul Patel

PREDICTIVE CITIES (Manu Luksch 2019) Digital video, colour, stereo, 8 min

CODAME ART+TECH 2019 (U.S. Premiere)

Currently on show online as part of DIGITAL POWER: Activism, Advocacy, and the Influence of Women Online, curated by Kathy Rae Huffman for ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community 2020